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  • Use Apple TV on Hotel Wifi

    A problem I ran into while on holiday recently was that I had brought my Apple TV along to allow me to watch some Netflix on the TV provided in the room. I’m not mad on watching TV on the Macbook and it can get fairly hot too, particularly if sat on...

  • Digging in – Keeping habits at bay

    Today is 8 days without any fizzy drink. It’s a good solid start to a year of denying myself a meal-time companion. A source of sugar energy that has kept me running on many late nights. It has been hard, I’ve been playing at my Darts Leagues and I would...

  • A Year Off Fizzy Drinks – Fizzyless Fifteen

    If you’ve ever had a vice, you always say you can just quit. For some it’s cigarettes, for some it’s alcohol, for me it’s fizzy drinks. I’ve always had a sweet tooth and fizzy drinks, particularly Coca Cola have been something of a common theme throughout...

  • The Ragtime Gals: Remix To Ignition

    Much love for Jimmy Fallon, his show is constantly entertaining and always throws up a new surprise or two and particularly musically he has been involved in some great ideas, not least of all the history of rap with Justin Timberlake which is just fantastic...

  • Holy Moly – Skier backflips while avalanche chases him

    This is just incredible, I’ve always admired skiers bravery going down mountains as breakneck speeds and you only have to look at the Michael Schumacher story to see that even slow speeds can be massively dangerous on the mountains. But this is just...

  • Zombeavers – The next evolution of zombies

    Please god let this be true. SyFy channel brought us the gloriously ridiculous Sharknado but this is just as equally ludicrous. The trailer leaves little to the cliche-imagination as they set you up for a completely epic brain at the door flick. Far...

  • Facebook buy WhatsApp for 19bn

    I love a good fairytale story. Four years ago a man named Brian Acton was working for Yahoo. His role came to an end and he was out on the job market hunting for jobs. He tried recruiters and had interviews with Twitter and Facebook. However nobody saw...

  • PS4 – 12 things that made next-gen feel old-gen

    The Playstation 4 was one of the biggest console releases towards the end of 2013. Sold out months in advance via pre-orders, the Playstation 4 came with a huge amount of positivity, heralding new features. However the amount of functionality removed...

  • The Brits 2014 PR tell journalists to tweet sponsor for tickets

    One of the big news stories of the day has been The Brit’s 2014 crew handling their requests for media accreditation with a number of conditions attach that insist that the writer in attendance must not only guarantee coverage, but MUST mention the sponsor...

  • Vince McMahon wants to buy Newcastle United

    Best rumour I’ve heard all day frankly. WWE empire owner Vince McMahon knows a few things about money. Which definitely is useful in the game of football these days. Mike Ashley on the flip side is not a popular man up north. He has consistently turned...

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