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  • 3 Unscented Handmade Soaps and their Benefits

    When you’re looking for an unscented product that goes above and beyond the normal, it can be frustrating to try product after product and end up returning or tossing them in the trash because they just do not live up to expectations. All our unscented...

  • New: Super Paws Paw Balm

    We’re pleased to announce our newest product is available! Super Paws Paw Balm was developed with one 90 pound Rottweiler in mind, who was coming in from -30c Canadian Winter temperatures with super dry, rough paws. Necessity is the mother of invention...

  • New Scents

    Getting new supplies is like Christmas year-round. Since I’ve been gearing up and pouring the proper amount of energy into the business, I’ve also been ordering oodles of supplies, including new essential and fragrance oils – 3 of the newest are Love...

  • Oatmeal’s role in skin care

    Oatmeal has been used for centuries (likely, millenia) on our skin. It’s well know for its anti inflammatory properties, which soothe the worst irritated skin. From simple dry skin, to psoriasis, and every problem in between, oatmeal can usually help...

  • Honey benefits in Skin Care

    The little bee is, without a doubt, mankind’s most helpful creature. Without the bee, our crop pollination would be reduced drastically, cutting our ability to feed even 1/10,000 of our population, killing off thousands of species of plants, and we’d...

  • Goat’s Milk benefits in Skin Care

    Goat’s Milk has been used for skin care for as long as mankind has kept goats, but the recent popularity in Goat’s Milk products has prompted science to dig into why it’s so good. Goat’s Milk is a potent source of alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) and several...

  • Hello, there

    It’s been a while since I posted anything. The past year has been a hectic mix a bunch of adjectives that aren’t very optimistic or positive. We’ve come through the roughest part and things are definitely looking up… (aside from this head cold that has...

  • New Health Canada Essential Oil Rules – and help with them

    Natural Health Product (NHP) Information for Soap & Cosmetic Crafters Read about the changes here ONLY APPLIES TO PRODUCTS CONTAINING ESSENTIAL OILS -or products where the manufacturer (crafter) wants to make health claims- If the product has essential...

  • Handmade Soap Photography (on a budget, or not)

    Hello fellow soapmakers (and other crafters of handmade items), I’ve been struggling with product photography for 5 years. I quite literally have never had a product photo, in the thousands I’ve taken, been really and truly a shot I was happy with. Those...

  • Mark your calenders – Reopening February 12

    As promised, we are soon opening back up (told ya we weren’t closing for good

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