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  • Honda S660 Copies Civic Type R Triple Exhaust in Rowen Tuning

    Some say that the outward appearance of a car is not what matters. But having a triple set of exhaust tips, like a Ferrari 458, is one heck of a way to start a conversation. Is this overkill? Yes, but then most performance cars today have exhaust systems...

  • Dodge Reveals 2018 Challenger SRT Hellcat Widebody With Demon-Inspired Look

    "Less powerful" is rarely used to describe the Hellcat, but it is that when compared to the 840 HP Demon. For this model year, wider tires and flared wheel arches can make the 707 horsepower a better 2... (continue reading >>)

  • Listen to the 2018 Jaguar XE Project 8, Bentley Continental GT and Other Nurburg

    The Nurburgring is one of the most valuable pieces of tarmac in the world. And unlike say a decade ago, there are people with filming equipment at each and every big corner. So brand new prototypes have nowhere to hide. The more track-oriented a car...

  • Jaguar Explains I-PACE Thermal Management, Claims It Adds 30 Miles to the Range

    Jaguar is coming to the EV table rather abruptly. The British manufacturer didn't waste too much time talking about what it was going to do, but skipped right to the business part instead and produced the I-PACE Concept. The electric crossover is the...

  • 2018 Volkswagen Polo Alltrack, Sedan and Variant Rendered

    Wagons, off-roading wagons, and sedans are still a pretty important part of Volkswagen's success. But while the all-new Polo is one of the most technologically advanced superminis we've ever seen, a Variant or Alltrack version looks unlikely. We honestly...

  • 2019 BMW X3 M Raises a Wheel On The Nurburgring

    Some folks were somewhat disappointed when the 2018 BMW X3 was unveiled yesterday, mainly because the top of the range version was a measly X3 M40i, which comes with "only" 360 horsepower. Fret not, power SUV lovers, because the X3 M40i is just a small...

  • 370 HP Megane RS Chases McLaren 12C on Nurburgring, Everything Else Gets Passed

    Why would you lap the Nurburgring with your passenger side window slightly open? Well, if the question is aimed at the Renault Megane RS in the piece of footage below, the answer has to do with the manic hatchback possibly lacking air conditioning. ...

  • Enduro Bike Falls Through Railroad On a Bridge

    It’s not always bad drivers that can kill you on a motorcycle. Sometimes, your mistakes can do it even when not on the road. And such is the case with the clip you’re about to watch. You’d think that riding your enduro bike on ... (continue reading...

  • Blue Porsche 911 R Stands Out in Scotland, Has "NO PDK" Plates

    The days of the Porsche 911 R spotting are numbered, which means we're paying even more attention to each unit of the clutch special we come across. And the freshest example of this comes from the Neunelfer in the image we have here, one that stands...

  • Bike-To-Car Communication Safety System Gets Investment From Israeli Company

    With thousands of careless smartphone-addicted drivers on the roads at any given time, the motorcycle is currently one of the most dangerous vehicles to be riding on. But this might be a worry of the past soon as more companies are investing into vehicle...

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