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Catch up on news, updates and popular pages. is a website that might be still building its audience and thus rated quite low by Alexa. Caffeinated Communications provides generally secure and family-safe content, so users of all ages can visit it.

We are a visual design agency in Redmond, WA. We harness the power of graphic design to make your marketing more memorable..


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  • Why the best web designers want your content first

    Content-first approach to web design Bill Gates said that “content is King.” Gary Vaynerchuk added that “Marketing is Queen and rules the household.” So where does design fit in? Design is the crown. It’s the visual cue that allows the King and...

  • Five Great Reasons to use Social Shareables (& What They Are)

    We all see them. We all share them. Memes, quotes, photos – those ubiquitous graphics that get likes, retweets, and shares on social media. It’s called visual content marketing, and it can be a vital part of your social media strategy. But what benefit...

  • 5 super-important tips for WordPress Website Security

    Website security is something that we often don’t think about until it is too late. The importance of website security for WordPress sites is easily overlooked. We think “my business is too small – no one would bother hacking me.” Or “I don’t have an...

  • 13 Essential Elements Every Home Page Must Have

    Your home page is one of the most visited (and arguably the most important) pages of your website. Think of your home page like a storefront. Every day, people walk past your door, perhaps peering in the windows to see what’s inside. The visual branding...

  • How to use the PANTONE 2017 Color of the Year

    For those of us in the design field, December is always an exciting month. Yeah, yeah, we have the holidays and all that. But first and foremost, it is when PANTONE announces their pick for 2017 Color of the Year! Sometimes we love their choice, and...

  • Caffeinator Snapshot: Profile of Hannah Kwan

    If you cross Larry Page with Sporty Spice, you end up with the personality and smarts of Hannah Kwan, our website developer. After graduating from University of Victoria with a BS in Computer Science, her analytical mindset evolved to creative exploration...

  • SEO for 2017: Seven Things You Need to Know

    With 93 percent of online experiences starting from a search, an effective SEO strategy is critical for any business. Constant changes to Google’s search algorithms can seem next to impossible to keep up with, but understanding the following trends will...

  • How to Choose the Perfect Logo File Formats

    You have a great logo for your business. In fact, you probably have several versions of your logo, with different names and file extensions like .jpg, .png, .eps, and .pdf. But, like many business owners, you may have no idea what to do with these logo...


    Lingo. Jargon. Vernacular. These words describe language that is specific to a particular profession or group. And in the world of graphic design, they are also often the cause of confusion and communication breakdown between designer and client that...

  • 7 Ways Your Website is Like a House [Infographic]

    JUMP TO FULL INFOGRAPHIC There is no question that every business, no matter the size, needs a website. But what kind of website is right for you? The decisions that you must make when planning your new site are very similar to those you make when building...

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