2011-02-05 By Kat Leonard I am sad to say¬† I have been poisoned. Yes, poisoned. By Barium. Oh wait… Are you telling me it was just a candy? Well then! Nevermind. I’ll be perfectly fine. Barium Energy Powder is one of the newer flavors of powders made by Harcos Labs. I have had a lot of horrible-tasting powders just like my fellow reviewer has had horrible mints. I was a bit sketchy about trying the powder from Harcos Labs because of these previous experiences. So, I just ordered one tube and I am wishing I had ordered more. Find out why in a second… Review Harcos Labs has done a nice job with the packaging of this powder. It’s just a test tube-type packaging with, in simple wording, ‘Barium Energy Powder’ across the label. They are also kind enough to inform us that it has 90mg of Caffeine in each tube. I, however, did not put all 90mg of powder in my mouth at one time. It’s a good thing I didn’t. For one: That is a lot of powder. And two, the taste is liable to wake you up even if the caffeine doesn’t. Black cherry flavoring doesn’t just mean it tastes of cherries, but that it is also as sour as the day is long. I love sour things, but not a lot of people do. Especially not Warhead sour like the Barium is. Have you ever had a Warhead? No? Well it’s almost the exact taste. I tried the powder multiple times. One day I had 45mg before I went to drive to get something to eat. It didn’t really wake me up like I was thinking it would, but it tasted great so I just considered it to be a nice sour pixie stick. The second time was the other night before I watched Dead Snow. I uhm… made a mistake watching that movie before bedtime so it’s a good thing I did have the rest of the tube. I have been awake for some time now and refuse to leave my room without a knife handy. That’s how I roll. No Nazi zombies will come after me, dangit. I will say that the powder likes to bubble once it hits your tongue. It turns into a nice cherry liquid. But be careful, it has been said that it turns your mouth colors. In this case, your tongue might turn dark purple or even black. I did not witness this but of course I ate and drank afterward so it was probably washed away before I could check in the mirror. Final Words The Barium powder is really, really good. Even if it didn’t have caffeine content I would buy it. That is how good it is. We need more sour powders out there in the world. However, the kick is not as great as other powders I’ve tried. But, and this is a big but, the taste is amazing for those of us who love sour cherry things. So, if you are a fan like I am, I’d suggest picking up a tube or two. Just don’t be expecting an amazing kick. It is after all only a bit more caffeinated than a regular soda. Score: 8.0/10 (Great) Aroma: 8.0/10 Taste: 9.5/10 Kick: 7.0/10 Value: 8.75/10 Other Reviews: ED Junkie image via Candy Hero