2011-03-08 By Kat Leonard Okay. I am not a girlie person. Nor am I TOO concerned about my figure. But apparently there is some sort of market out there for energy drinks geared towards women. I am a woman. But that doesn’t mean I want a pink can. I am almost offended by the fact that companies think they need to make a pink can to attract women. Of course… I’m not a usual woman, am I? Oh well. I’m sure there are women out there attracted to the pink color of cans, clothes, etc., but I just am not one of those. I never have been, I never will be. What’s even worse is that the can is tiny. You know those cans you would get with your Lunchables sometimes filled with that subpar Cola? That size. I hope this doesn’t feminize me. Review: Sniffing at the contents, it smells fruity with a kind of chemical odor to it as well. This does not make me want to try it any faster. Tasting it, it is almost exactly how it smells. Fruity. I can’t really pinpoint all of the fruits but strawberry is definitely in there. I HATE STRAWBERRY. Yeuch… Though to be fair I am not really cringing at the fact I have to finish the can. Also, there isn’t much of a kick to this. How do I know before I finish the can? The ingredients list. It is powered by 1,000mg of Taurine and 80mg of caffeine. There are some nice vitamins though like B3, B6, things like that so it will add to the whole kick factor. Hype is all about the fact that their drinks are natural and healthy. In fact I have another drink in my fridge that calls itself organic (I’ll be reviewing that at a later date. It’s the biggest can out of them all). In my sample box I also received something akin to a shot glass. Kids these days say it’s called a shooter. Okay. Well whatever it is I must admit that it is kind of cute. Unfortunately I can’t try this ‘shooter’ yet because of medical things (no booze for me). Maybe when I go to try the other 3 cans of Hype I will be able to mix it with some of my schnapps or rum. Erm… do you mix rum with energy drinks? Oh well. Never hurts to try! Where was I? Oh right… Hype Enlite. If you can get past the fruity smell, the fruity taste, and the PINK CAN then you might as well at least try it. It’s got a moderate kick. Again, this stuff is geared towards women. I guess women don’t need the same 100-200mg of caffeine kick that men do? I don’t know. I do know I’m more masculine than feminine and that I damn well need more than just 80mg of caffeine. Though it does have taurine which studies show does nothing towards giving you a kick. So basically the leg that the drink has to stand on is the caffeine leg. Taurine has better things to do in our bodies than give us an energy boost though. Research it sometime. Final Words Without being uber feminist, I will say that the pink can is… really only going to attract Elle Woods from Legally Blonde. I probably would have not picked up the can in my local supermarket or gas station by color alone. Yes, that is how I pick out my food, drink, and clothes. By color. The 80mg of caffeine falls way short of the content in other energy drinks. The taurine (1000mg of it) is necessary for muscle function so… I guess this drink can kind of help you work out a little bit at the gym? If you can stand taking such a pink can into the gym. Really, there are far better drinks to grab. I’m sorry but it’s the truth. And the fact that it’s so small compared to other energy drink cans, you’d be better off buying something else. It isn’t bad to try, just not something I personally would make a habit of drinking. The kick isn’t there, the smell and taste are off-putting to me. Of course, your mileage may vary so who knows? This pink drink may be for you. Score: 6.0/10 (Below Average) Aroma: 4.0/10 (not something I’d want to sit around and sniff. In fact, the couple of sniffs of it were enough) Taste: 6.0/10 (I personally hate strawberry, but it seems like something you could use in a daiquiri or some sort of other fruity mixed drink) Kick: 7.0/10 Value: 7.0/10