2011-03-26 I, as anyone who has read my review for Drank or ViB likely knows, am a huge fan of relaxation drinks. However, I hardly ever get to enjoy them since literally no gas station around where I live carries any brand of any type of relaxation shot or drink, which is why I’ve only reviewed a slight handful of this type of product. You see, the only time I ever get to drink an anti-energy beverage is when I go out of town to places like Cincinnati, Memphis, Michigan City and Nashville, and those trips don’t happen very often. That is why, on my recent road trip to Memphis (which is a terrible place), I picked up a few cans of my personal favorite, Drank, and a couple cans of Unwind. This is ironic since I went into the gas station looking to buy a few Monsters to get me through the eight hour drive back home. In fact, it wasn’t until we had been on the road for about an hour that I realized I was thirsty and had only a pile of relaxation beverages to quench my thirst. I’m not saying these drinks cause drowsiness or tiredness, but I’m very prone to highway hypnosis. The Drank seemed to intensify the effect, leading to many run-ins with rumble strips on the side of the road. Not that I gave a shit. I was too relaxed to jerk into the other. I was feeling smooth. Review: Luckily I didn’t die. At any rate, Unwind has an almost erotically delicious aroma that explodes from the can as soon as the tab is cracked, filling the room around me with a delightful orange scent that pleased all of my fellow coworkers. It’s certainly reminiscent of orange soda, making it the polar opposite of Drank’s grape soda odor, and earning it extra points in my book. The flavor, while not exactly what I was expecting, is also delicious, only to a lesser degree. The orange soda flavor hits first with all of its crisp and refreshing glory, satisfying every single rotted sweet tooth in my mouth. Immediately following this perfect flavor, unfortunately, is a blast of creaminess. Not that it detracts too much from the beverage’s overall merits, but said creaminess was definitely something I could have done with out, and it took Unwind from orange soda-tasting to something more along the lines of orange sherbet-tasting. If that’s your thing, then this is definitely for you. Hell, even if you just like things that taste good, this is for you. Why am I complaining? Unwind is thoroughly delicious. Who cares if it isn’t orange soda? The effect was not necessarily the most impressive I’ve ran into, but it certainly worked. About halfway through the can, which I drank over the span of around an hour, I began to feel the effects working into my veins. I felt lax, cool, and alright with everything. I wasn’t drowsy or sleepy, but instead calm and collected. It wore off a bit quicker than I would have preferred, but that is just a minor gripe. Solid performance overall. I found Unwind for $2.29/12 fl oz can, making it a bit more expensive than Drank, but more affordable than ViB. I would say it is definitely worth grabbing if you spot a can at your local gas station. If you check the drink’s online store, you can find a case of 24 16 fl oz cans for $54.95 ($2.29/can). Final Words: Unwind is a relatively little-known product in the relatively little-known world of relaxation beverages, but it is certainly on its way. Right now it is only available in Jackson and Memphis, TN, but I see it working its way to other large cities relatively quick. I’m certainly a fan, and if I ever have a chance to have another can of Unwind Citrus Orange, I certainly will. Score: 8.0/10 (Great) Aroma: 8.0/10 Taste: 8.0/10 Effect: 7.5/10 Value: 7.5/10