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  • Returning to the Forest: India’s Indigenous Population Reclaims Their Ancestral Home

    Through the Forest Rights Act, Adivasi village councils, known as Gram Sabhas, were given legal recognition as the bodies which govern their respective community forests.

  • 5 Success Stories from the Caribbean

    CEPF recently announced it will reinvest in the Caribbean. As we wrap up our initial, six-year, investment in the hotspot, we take a look at some of CEPF grantees’ greatest achievements thus far.

  • 12 Tips for Getting Your Grant Idea Funded

    In total, CEPF’s grant directors have reviewed some 5,000 letters of inquiry. They recently reflected on what makes a proposal stand out, and what makes it miss the mark. Here’s their advice.

  • Aligned for Africa’s Wildlife

    The challenges facing conservation in Africa — including wildlife trafficking and degradation of natural habitats — are tremendous. CEPF is proud to contribute to efforts to conserve Africa's biodiversity.

  • Taking a stand to bring back Haiti’s trees

    Earth Day 2016's theme is Trees for the Earth. With help from a CEPF grant, Fondation pour la Protection de la Biodiversité Marine started a program to revitalize Haiti's dwindling mangrove forests.

  • 2016 CEPF Photo Contest Winners

    Congratulations to the winners of the 2016 CEPF Photo Contest! CEPF received more than 60 images celebrating people, including grantees working on the ground to conserve biodiversity and beneficiaries of CEPF-supported projects.

  • Forests and Fresh Water: Reviving Rwanda’s Gishwati Forest

    Forest of Hope Association has increased Gishwati’s forest area from 886 to 1,484 hectares, implemented entrepreneurially-funded fencing to keep out cattle, and overseen a reduction in illegal exploitation of forest resources.

  • Strengthening Women's Role in Conservation

    Both men and women depend on Earth’s ecosystems and their life-sustaining benefits. Often, though, the role of women in conservation is overlooked or understated.

  • Cave-Dwelling Salamander Sheds Light on Drinking Water Resources

    With a grant from CEPF, the Society for Cave Biology (Društvo za jamsko biologijo) pioneered a method of testing for DNA in the very water that flows out of cave systems using known olm salamander habitats in Slovenia.

  • Grantee Spotlight: Sathyabhama Das Biju

    CEPF grantee Sathyabhama Das Biju might not be universally recognized as a celebrity, but he has recently been in the limelight for his frog discoveries in India. He has discovered 89 of the country’s approximately 350 frog species.