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  • 2011 14th Annual Sunset over Miami

    Here’s a preliminary post of the upcoming Sunset over Miami event. http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=239651726069565   Greater Miami Jewish Federation’s Real Estate Division and Real Estate Network cordially invite you to join us...

  • Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking

    Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking by Malcolm Gladwell is a well-known book. Most people interested in relationships or in psychology have read this book. While I enjoyed this book, I found it to beat around the bush at times or be somewhat...

  • Marketing Position @ NAI Miami

    I enjoy telling people that there are jobs in real estate out here in Miami. It seems like NAI Miami has a marketing position opened. Please contact the Chief Administrative Officer Olga Revuelta at (305) 938-4000 at extension 108 or email for more information...

  • Jewish Business Network of Doral

    The Jewish Business Network (JBN) of Doral had their first event on Wednesday April 6th, 2011. Rabbi Avrohom Brashevitzky and his wife Zeldie, of the Chabad Jewish Center of Doral, were instrumental in setting up this network. Ronald Waldman was the...

  • Foreign Trade Zone / Miami Free Zone

    ComReal Miami recently moved the Doral headquarters from 9500 Doral Blvd into the Miami Free Zone located at 2335 NW 107th Avenue, Suite #2M02, Box 126, Doral, Florida, USA 33172. This was a highly publicized move since ComReal Miami will be able to...

  • 21 Things I Wish My Broker Had Told Me

    Most people starting out a career in real estate don’t know what they don’t know. Don’t you wish there was someone there to tell you what most people have had as pitfalls and what others have done to be successful. 21 Thing I Wish My...

  • Just Three Feet

    I should start my blogging debut off right with some good old fashioned motivation. No kooky New Age one liners, no quotes by random famous people, no feel good about yourself for being a wimp because next time it will be better, and certainly no...

  • Cheeses and Warehouses

    I love cheese. I specifically enjoy specialty cheeses. Warehouses are needed for companies that store and distribute large quantities of cheeses. Specialty cheeses fall into the category of aged cheddar, highly perishable soft-fresh cheeses, cream fortified...

  • What makes a great industrial real estate broker?

    A good industrial broker has market knowledge; knowledge about rates/prices, where the market is headed, etc. A good industrial broker also has product knowledge; knowledge about warehouse design, such as dock level loading, cross docks, front loading...

  • How to Work a Room

    This book is a national bestseller. How to Work a Room: Your Essential Guide to Savvy Socializing by Susan RoAne has a lot of great nuggets to help you work a room. I heard about this book a few times, but didn’t have any real interest in it until...

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