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  • Best. Father’s. Day. EVER.

    This was a really super Father’s Day for me and it’s all because of my terrific daughter Tracee Porter. She drove all the way from Chicago down here, to the excitement capital of the world, Dayton, Ohio, to spend a long weekend with us. What a kid. ...

  • Get Your HAPPY On…

    Full disclosure here: This is the blog where you will finally conclude for sure that I am a nut job, a dimwit, a flake. That’s fine, I can live with that. But I am writing this in hopes that a few readers out there will benefit from my experience. If...

  • Coupla Guys need Logo

    Really? Yeah, a couple of guys needed a logo for the fun stuff they do. Well, okay, sure, why not?? These two fellows, Joe and Tito, ride motorcycles and do — apparently — some good work in local charities and such. Cool, eh? And here is what I came...


    I find all too often I am the last one in the crowd to get a bit of news — the whole world often seems aware of some obvious fact long before I catch on. It happens, maybe to you now and then as well, eh? Okay, that said, let me advise of a shameless...

  • Free Entertainment — Or Not??

    My usual setup when drawing caricature quick-sketches at parties and other events is pretty simple: Free To Guests. The host pays my hourly rate, so, hey — just get in line and I will do a two-minute drawing of you. Then I hand it over, with a clear...

  • Party in MEXICO !!

    Today is… May 5, also known as… well, you know. So — Happy Cinco de Mayo!! Hope you all have a Super kickoff to your weekend, gang… Here is a card done for two brothers planning a big party blowout south of the border… AND just in case you have some...

  • See You FRIDAY!

    Please stop by and get a FREE drawing while I am on duty at First Fridays in Xenia (Ohio) this week… I have been drawing at their events for years now and it’s always a fun time, apparently for everyone. Terrific crowds, super Classic Car Show and lots...

  • Share Your Wisdom?

    Over the years I have taught a few classes and workshops, giving instruction on some of the basics of drawing in general and caricature in particular. So it was a pleasure this morning to get this inquiry via email: “Please let me know when you will...

  • Planning a Trade Show Disaster?

    There are a LOT of reasons why a given Trade Show is a money-sucking waste of time, but among those are some items Within Your Control. So that’s a good thing. GET PROFESSIONAL HELP: Early on in your planning process, contact your top dozen or so customers...

  • EVERY Job??

    When you draw people live at parties, certain habits creep into your routine… Ways to keep the subject entertained during that brief two or three minutes they are in your chair and ways to get things to go your way and get that drawing done quickly and...