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Catch up on Fonosip.com news, updates and popular pages. Fonosip.com is a website that might be still building its audience and thus rated quite low by Alexa. FonoSIP provides generally secure and family-safe content, so users of all ages can visit it.

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    Resource Web Programming

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    Iphone webapps , very cool website. Please visit now.

  • Webapps and whitehats

    We've got used to the idea now that ethical hackers will tear through software from vendors like Oracle, Microsoft, Apple and more in search of vulnerabilities. But the increasingly popular concept of software as a service (SaaS) is throwing some interesting...

  • The Future of Webapps

    Notes from Carson Workshops "The Future of Webapps" summit held in London. Interesting commentary in particular from Joshua Schacter of Del.icio.us and Cal Henderson of Flickr on how they built their "Web 2.0" app and what they learnt on the way.

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    The organisation of Future of WebApps is setting up a road show.They will do 12 cities prior to the event on 3-5 october.The previous one was a big hit, so the machine will run again this year.

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    Hello, Iwill be very shortly converting an Access applicationover to ASP.Net (actually starting this coming week). The Access backend db is movingto SQL2005. I am using VS2008 for the developing.The A2007 app is notonethat is complicated or with many...

  • Re: GWT webapp into an IFRAME

    Well, the first test eas a complete success !!!How to detect if your GWT is into an iframe /* Returns TRUE if the app is running inside a iframe*/ private static native boolean inIframe() /*-{ return $wnd.top != $wnd; }-*/;On 2 feb, 17:18, Jan Mostert...

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