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Julie Morris is a Los Angeles-based natural foods chef, on-camera personality, and New York Times bestselling cookbook author. An internationally known pioneer in cooking with superfoods, Julie is...


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  • Oh Yes, It’s (Superfood) Taco Time

    Some of my favorite meals of all time have been tacos. Tacos with smoked mushrooms; tacos with glazed tempeh; tacos with whatever’s in the fridge topped with guacamole (shhhh – sometimes those are the best). Tacos are like a sandwich with its priorities...

  • How to Seriously Elevate Your Hydration Game

    There are certain mantras of a healthy lifestyle that are practically considered The Golden Rules Of Wellness. Rule number one: Eat more vegetables. Rule number two: Get enough sleep. Rule number three: Exercise often. And rule number four: Hydrate,...

  • Totally Addictive Chocolate Chip Banana Mini Muffins

    Muffins are one of the easiest and most forgiving baked treats you can make, and as a result, they can also become a smorgasbord of random ingredients if you’re an over-zealous “fun ingredient” glutton like me. As a measure of control, I try to limit...

  • This 7-Layer Superfood Dip Is Anything But Average

    Today is Cinco De Mayo, which, for me, mostly means my blender use gets temporarily derailed from superfood smoothies to superfood margaritas. So, that’s awesome. But of course let’s not forget the close second next best thing about this foodie holiday...

  • Perfectly Tender Veggie Burgers For Any Protein Lover

    After many weeks of dust and debris, our new kitchen is finally finished – new post on this epic transformation to come! In the meantime, I have been absolutely over the moon while getting to work in the brand new space. Aside from obsessively running...

  • This Superberry Gives Your Recipes Major WOW-Factor

    I’ve talked a lot on the blog here and in my books about goldenberries and their remarkable nutrition: namely, high levels of immune-boosting vitamins, as well as their stores of anti-inflammatory antioxidants. But what often gets passed by is just how...

  • How To Make A Relaxing Elixir

    You’ve heard it; you’ve said it. “I’m so stressed out.” We live in a culture that lauds being “busy,” pushes a hard work ethic above all else, and pressures us to continually “increase” over extolling the virtues of sustainability. At this rate, is...

  • These Gorgeous Spring Rolls Are Packed With Superfoods

    Spring Rolls compose a solid 30% of the reason I go out to eat Thai food (the remaining 70% being a little something called, ahem, RED CURRY. I actually salivate just typing those words.) Yet the only reason I don’t rank spring rolls even higher in the...

  • 6 Showstopping Foods For Spring

    In so many aspects of life, spring is the perfect time to refresh and renew … and your daily diet is no exception. Although it might still be cold outside, your mindset can’t help but be uplifted from the glimpse of the first seasonal flower, and consequently...

  • Spinach Salad with Orange-Chia Dressing

    Last night, as I was huddled in the kitchen messily chomping down kale leaves dipped in hummus like a wild animal, I turned around to find my husband shaking his head at me. “You know, not everyone eats like you do,” he said cautiously, as if exercising...