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  • iFLY – the Indoor Skydiving Experience!

    I’ve been trying to be better about living outside my comfort zone – but I will never be someone that jumps out of a plane skydiving. But when iFLY Dallas offered to let me try out indoor skydiving – it felt like a great chance to experience that amazing...

  • Minion inspired Bath Bombs {DIY}

    Does your family love the ‘Despicable Me’ movie franchise as much as ours does? We bust out laughing whenever those lovable, and odd little Minion characters come on screen! It’s hard not to smile when you see a cute little Minion face looking at you...

  • Escape Hunt Dallas – Why You NEED to Go!

    It’s no secret if you’ve read this blog before – that I love me a good escape room! I like them challenging, I like them themed out, and I like them fun! And those are all reasons you will want to get yourself to Escape Hunt Dallas. It’s a got wonderfully...

  • 7 Tips for Visiting a Float Tank {Sensory Deprivation}

    I recently read about the benefits of sensory deprivation tanks – aka float tanks. It sounded so odd to me, to deliberately be in a state where what I could see or hear – or even feel would be limited. But it also intrigued me. So when I saw that there...

  • Introducing our New Puppy! {And how we are taking the Best Care of her}

    You guys! I have news! We have a brand-new puppy at our house. Introducing our new 6-month- old Maltipoo puppy – Maggie! We are so in love with her, and like all new pet parents – we want the very best for her. And that has meant doing lots of research...

  • Spend Easter at the Hilton Anatole!

     You guys. You KNOW how amazing our family thinks the Hilton Anatole is. Every time we’ve visited, our vacation has been elevated just by being there. It’s in their attention to detail. It’s in the spacious rooms and surrounding gardens. It’s in their...

  • Give the Gift of light

    So often in our house, our daughter is reading as the sun sets, or doing her homework. And as the natural light of the day fades – without a thought we switch on the bedroom light. Such a simple action, taken for granted where we live so easily. But...

  • The place to be? The DFW Auto Show!

    New Car Smell. Is there anything better? I don’t think so. So, just imagine how GREAT it’s going to smell at the 2017 DFW Auto show – where you can walk into 650,000 square feet full of new cars!?! I was at the preview party tonight for a sneak peak...

  • Irish Melon Cocktail Recipe

    Whether it’s St. Patrick’s Day, and you want to find a yummy green cocktail – or if it’s just a regular Tuesday night, the Irish Melon is sure to fit the bill! This Irish cocktail is themed to be a beautiful green color, and have a sweet tart taste....

  • Baileys Irish Cream Mousse {Recipe}

    There is no yummier drink, than Baileys Irish Cream, right? Well the only thing better, may in face be this Baileys Irish Cream MOUSSE recipe! So easy, and so thick. I actually turned one of the teacups I was serving this in, upside down! And not a drop...