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  • Linnaeus Floral Clock

    In 01751, Carl Linnaeus attempted to create a wonderful new type of clock call the Horologica Floræ. Carl Linnaeus was found the modern day taxonomy of plants and animals. It was his system the started the binomial nomenclature. It was no surprise then...

  • Omnibus 02016

    This year we managed to write 6 articles, up from 3 the previous year. Still below the volume and quality that we’d like to be producing on a regular basis. Allemaal Artis Diatom Map Art Bookblock Original 2000 Days Red Days Paper Case Packaging...

  • Week 304-305-306-307

    It is the last weeknote of 02016 and it is a four week combo. This encompasses most of the month of December. We did a lot this month. Lots of prepping for 02017 is underway. We’ve been slowly rekindling the material.is conference idea for 02017. A...

  • Week #298-303

    Week #298 Most everyone at the office is fighting off yet another nasty flu virus. So this will be a short update since not a whole lot actually got done. We’re working on a top secret project, which should have a code name, but since it has been awhile...

  • Allemaal Artis

    Friends of the company recently brought us back some of these beautiful block on their most recent trip to the Netherlands. It is a box of 40 painted wooden cubes. There are a handful of different patterns and you get several of each type along with...

  • Diatom Map Art

    It’s always funny how the past repeats itself. We keep a shared folder called “inspiration”, at the office (well, we also have “inspiration – short list” too). In it there are lots of great ideas from branding examples to PDFs, to maps. We’ve been collecting...

  • Bookblock Original

    Many, many months ago, some friends at Bookblock Original reached out to us about their new idea and product. This was even before their kickstarter campaign. We’ve done a lot of print work before, making the ANALOG notebooks, calendars, pocket guides...

  • Week #294-297

    The previous three weeknotes, we were traveling, so we have an excuse. Now it is week #297 and we need to put pen to paper. Week #294 We left for NYC early in the week so that we could attend the O’Reilly Strata Conference. We had a half-day workshop...

  • Week #293

    It is week #293 wrap-up. This week shares its name with the human embryonic kidney cells called HEK 293. This cell line has been used for many years due to its reliable growth and propensity for transfection. This week also celebrates its name with the...

  • Week #291-292

    A double-weeknote this time. Last week, time managed to slip away from us, but we caught it this week and made some time for a quick dump of what we’ve been up to. Week #291 This week we had a meeting with an old clients about potential new and exciting...