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  • Thesis 2 Lands – First Thoughts

    DIYThemes have finally released Thesis 2.0 after what has been nearly three years in the making. The successor to the game-changing WordPress theme framework Thesis has a lot to live up to if it’s going to avoid “sequel syndrome” and...

  • How to Check Your Backlinks with Google Alerts

    Google Alerts is an under used tool by most webmasters and this is a grave oversight as the service can be very useful for lots of research most notably keeping an eye on new backlinks to your website. See the below screenshot so you know what to do...

  • Responsive Web Design

    One of the buzz terms of 2012 when it comes to web design is “Responsive Web Design“, this means a website which adapts and evolves depending on the device/screen size it is being viewed on. This for many is far better than having user agents...

  • Official Facebook Plugin For WordPress – Open Graph Simplified

    Finally Facebook woke up and smelt the coffee, WordPress is now making up a massive percentage of the total websites online and how better to use this to your advantage than to build your own “official” wordpress plugin to help as many WordPress...

  • Type by PBS Arts – A Typography Documentary

    Here is a great new documentary about typography and fonts that will make you fall in love with type. The 7-minute intro to type that’s already garnered over 100,000 views, confirming people’s interest in Typography.

  • Organize Your Social Media Updates and More with Gmail

    People seldom appreciate the difference between different email providers, and in my job I spend a lot of time trying to convince clients, associates, colleagues and the rest that switching to a Gmail account or even better a Google Apps account has...

  • Copywriting Comparison

    Why is copywriting such a fundamental talking point in internet marketing? One of the main reasons we often find ourselves on the internet is to get information, whether it be something as small as seeing what our friends are up to on Facebook...

  • The Future of Web Banners

    The future of web banners has been a concern for some time as many mobile devices do not support the flash platform making impressive animated banners redundant for many users. The powers that be at Adobe seem to have finally began to admit defeat in...

  • Timeline Infographic of Google Algorithm Changes

    At the start Google was not exactly perfect at helping you find what you were looking for and it’s system was somewhat rudimentary and simply looked for exact phrase matches and sites with links, something that was once very easy to manipulate...

  • Pixelloop Re-Design – Rockin Thesis 2.1

    So the time was finally right to upgrade Pixelloop to Thesis 2 as we have now had sufficient experience developing with the new version of the software which is now on version 2.1 and now boasts truly revolutionary control over your website. We didn...

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