2011-12-13 Why is copywriting such a fundamental talking point in internet marketing? One of the main reasons we often find ourselves on the internet is to get information, whether it be something as small as seeing what our friends are up to on Facebook, to find out what the latest news is, or to learn about a product or service we’re interested in. In all those instances, what we’re essentially looking for is something to read, whether it be as short as a status update or tweet, or something more substantial such as a news article, editorial, or product description – and in the case of the latter, professionally written copywriting is essential. The benefits of good copy go beyond just informing people of what product or service you offer, however: from a purely visual point of view, seeing a decent amount of text on your webpage will immediately serve as a reassurance to visitors that you have a passion about a given subject and have actively taken the time to share that – and this is even before they have begun to read it. Imagine two businesses selling the same product – a book, for example. The product may be the same on both company’s websites, but the way in which they go about selling it may differ greatly; while one may just show the book cover and the price they’re selling it for, the other may list important information about the book – a synopsis, a short biography of the author, and some quotes from reviews. By doing this, the second website has transformed their product page from merely being somewhere to buy the book to somewhere you can go to actually learn more about it. And chances are, unless the first website is selling the product for significantly less the buyer will purchase the book from the site that gives them more information. That’s not all, though: if you’re only using stock copy on your website you might fall foul of what’s called ‘scraped content.’ This is the term given to copy that’s cut and pasted from one website – say, Amazon for example – and used on another. Chances are the original copy will have been ‘scraped’ by Google and dated meaning that it’s obvious where it originally came from. While it’s understandable that something like a synopsis supplied by a publisher may be used by any number of different websites who are selling a certain book, where possible it’s best to ensure your copy is fresh and original to help draw visitors to your site. But while it’s important to feature helpful information on your website, it’s also worth remembering that too much text can overwhelm visitors to your site – and it’s here that a professional copywriter can help you determine exactly the right balance. Want to find out more about Pixelloop’s professional copywriting services?