2012-07-31 Google Alerts is an under used tool by most webmasters and this is a grave oversight as the service can be very useful for lots of research most notably keeping an eye on new backlinks to your website. See the below screenshot so you know what to do when you get to Google alerts to setup this type of alert. Replace pixelloop.org with your domain name, dont use the http:// or the www. to ensure your one alert gets all results. Google is always getting better at indexing links, and this method should show you new links the day they are published live or within a couple of days. To the right hand side of the Google Alerts input fields (not pictured above) it will give you a preview of the results for your query from today. Do not be hesitant if this displays empty as you simply might not have any new backlinks indexed on the day you are creating the alert. Once you have clicked create alert you will then be send a verification email. You will not begin to receive alerts until you have clicked the verify link within the email. If you are signed in to your Google account then you will not need to verify your email and you will also be able to manage and edit your alerts from your Google Alerts dashboard. The ideal way to keep this research organized and tidy is to setup a filter with your email account, for this I would use Gmail and create a label called “Alerts – Backlinks” and have a filter make sure all of these email alerts skip my inbox and get organized in the before mentioned label (folder to most of us). To find out how to do this see my tutorial on Gmail Filters and Labels. Other good uses for Google alerts are using it to get alerts on your brand name so you know when your being mentioned, or your twitter handle. It is also great for keeping an eye on a breaking news story, your market sector or niche and even to search for job listings mentioning the services you provide with an additional keyword like “freelancer”. There is a hell of a lot of uses to get the most out of this tool and I recommend your suggestions in the comments.