2014-02-04 So the time was finally right to upgrade Pixelloop to Thesis 2 as we have now had sufficient experience developing with the new version of the software which is now on version 2.1 and now boasts truly revolutionary control over your website. We didn’t want to jump the gun and felt learning the platform several times over on various projects was the best place to start with this new theme before attempting to modernize what “was” a complex website to make it more streamlined and efficient. Want to Know More? Some background: When Thesis 2.0 launched late last year (2012) it was received to mixed review and certainly split the opinions of the WordPress / Thesis community. One the one hand you had this amazing new WordPress framework offering everything you got in the old version and some with faster loading capabilities, more intuitively written (The framework was completely RE-written) and offering a whole new drag and drop approach to building and customizing your templates. However this revolutionary new tool was launched with very little documentation which pushed the DIYThemes support to breaking point trying to keep up with requests. Fast forward what is now over a year we now have Thesis 2.1 or 2.1.6 to be precise as of publication (fixing pretty much any niggling issues with 2.0 plus a bit of a change of plan in the removal of the “packages” tool), a re-organized forum, some documentation (still being developed) a couple of official skins, and a growing number of 3rd party skins and boxes. What’s a Thesis box? A thesis box allows you to have additional functionality without the use of a plugin for you to drag and drop into your templates. There are many types, some are for your templates some just provide you with additional settings, others are helper boxes which allow certain complex plugins to work with Thesis and give you more control over where to display them. The Redesign So with that covered let us welcome you to the all new Pixelloop website please take the time to browse around the site and let us know your thoughts and any bugs (if you spot any). Over the next few months the site will undergo some other changes, there will be an increased frequency in blog posts covering tutorials, news, geekery, and some free and premium Thesis Skins and Boxes for our readers to access. So sign up for our mailing list to find out when the goodies are available. Our Thesis 2 Work So Far Want to see some of the sites we have designed on Thesis 2 so far? Then click Thesis 2 Web Design Gallery. Want to buy Thesis? or see the pricing structure? Feel free to use our Affiliate link below.