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  • Google: How to Optimize Podcasts for SEO

    Podcast optimization for ranking in the Google search results isn’t a topic that comes up very often.  And John Mueller gave some excellent advice on SEOing for podcasts. The question came up about whether or not it was a good idea to simply have podcasts...

  • Podcasting Priests

    Busy this Lent? No time for retreats, Stations of the Cross or other Lenten events? Try tuning into a Catholic podcast. Two websites launched by diocesan priests – anchoredinthelord.com and studyprayserve.com – offer wisdom and insight for a faith-filled...

  • Infinite Dial Preview – Is Podcasting On The Rise?

    Thursday, Edison Research will host a podcast with data from their annual Infinite Dial study. In anticipation of the webinar, Edison’s Tom Webster released a tidbit of new information about podcasting, which will be part of the webinar, Thursday. complete...

  • This New Campaign Urges You to Tell Your Friends About Podcasts

    There are now more than 37 podcast producers who have signed on to the effort, including National Public Radio, American Public Media, ESPN, First Look Media, FiveThirtyEight, Gimlet Media, HowStuffWorks, Panoply and PRI, and that is not counting a whole...

  • The Podcasting Market Earns Hundreds of Millions of Dollars Because It’s Working

    About a year ago we asked whether or not podcasting can finally make money. That’s settled: It is. Today, the money is enough to make a few people rich but not enough yet to register in the global economy. Still, every year, the medium grows, largely...

  • Why live podcasts are becoming a big deal this year

    Podcasters like to argue that theirs is the most intimate medium. But to grow their businesses, more and more of them are getting into live events, with producers big and small either growing or launching events operations. complete article

  • 4 Steps to Create a Blog or Podcast That You and Your Readers Will Love

    If you are a self-published author, in addition to writing and producing your books, you must take on the responsibility of marketing them. The most successful author-marketers foster strong relationships with their audiences. Blogging, whether through...

  • Why Podcastings Lack of Diversity Might Be a Tech Problem

    Podcasting Still Has a Lack of Diversity The need to either figure out discovery or simply develop more diverse programs is becoming more pressing, thanks to the rising numbers of podcast listeners — monthly podcast listeners hit 24 percent of all Americans...

  • Behind the Podcasting Boom

    Podcasting has been around for more than a decade, but we still tend to think of it as a new technology. Like any new technology, you’d expect that its growth would be driven by Millennials and Generation Z, who are drawn to technology like moths to...

  • Podcasting Dos and Do Nots

    Consider following these simple podcasting tips to get the most from your podcast and make it stand out from other podcasts in the crowd. DO 1. Make it Professional Regardless of whether you are podcasting from your garage or a corporate boardroom...

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