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  • Beyond production: DITA transformations for QA

    I’ve written in the past on how a QA mindset can improve the quality and consistency of your content. While having a robust test set and test plan are useful, there’s another tool that you can use. The DITA OT allows you to create plugins that can transform...

  • LearningDITA podcast

    In this podcast, Gretyl Kinsey and Alan Pringle discuss Scriptorium’s DITA training resource, What is the business case for providing a free e-learning resource, and what does it take to get it started? What are the challenges of growing...

  • Tools are not a content strategy

    This post is part of Scriptorium’s 20th anniversary celebration. Content creators love their tools. So much, in fact, they sometimes mistake selecting tools for developing a content strategy. When evaluating content processes, focusing too intently...

  • Using the learningContent DITA topic type

    A few weeks ago, the blog post DITA for learning content introduced the DITA Learning and Training specialization and described how the specialization can help those creating content for electronic delivery through a learning management system (LMS)...

  • Accessibility podcast with Char James-Tanny

    In this podcast, Sarah discusses content accessibility with Char James-Tanny. What makes content accessible? How can content creators include accessibility in their planning process? What happens if you do not provide accessible content? Resources ...

  • Full transcript of accessibility podcast

    00:00 This is the Content Strategy Experts podcast produced by Scriptorium. Since 1997 Scriptorium has helped companies manage, structure, organize and distribute content in an efficient way. 00:14 Sarah O’Keefe: Welcome to the Content Strategy Experts...

  • LavaCon Dublin 2017: spanning silos, building bridges

    Two weeks ago, The LavaCon Conference made its return to Dublin, Ireland. Before I dive in, thanks to Jack Molisani for yet another fun and insightful LavaCon conference! The venue This year’s conference took place at the historic Croke Park. Set a...

  • Your content is not special

    You. You over there with the finicky formatting and the inability to use templates and the hours of adjusting graphics when you add a paragraph. Yes. You. Look, I get it. You are awesome at web design and even print design and you want to show off...

  • Localization strategy: not just cost minimization

    In this podcast, Bill, Alan, and Sarah discuss localization strategy. Writing good content in the source language is only the beginning. Resources Localization strategy: your key to global markets white paper Twitter handles: sarahokeefe alanpringle...

  • Localization strategy: Your key to global markets

    Coauthored by Bill Swallow and Gretyl Kinsey This post is also available in PDF format. The challenge of global markets In 2015, S&P 500 companies sold 44% of their products outside the US.1 Without a global market strategy, companies are passing...