2016-07-08 Ladies and Gents,  my new film is out! I Want Abs has only been out for a week and already the response is overwhelming positive! Here’s what people are saying about I Want Abs: Paul A. – Best movie I have seen in some time! Very informative, interesting, fast paced, and a really good flick! Yoeri M. – Well done!!! Loved it! Explore Raw – AB-solutely FAB-ulous! Totally love everything about this movie: particularly that it is just so inspiring. Really great. With your permission I shall be showing it to my guests at my retreat. 10/10!! Great job Sergei x Natural Juice Junkie liked the film so much he wrote a whole blog post about it: http://naturaljuicejunkie.com/2016/06/i-want-abs/ I Want Abs is not just about six-packs, ‬ it’s about functional fitness, kettlebells, beards, green smoothies, and triathlons. Give it a peek, you won’t regret it! Vimeo On Demand: $15 download  / $8 rental: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/iwantabs You can also learn more by visiting the film’s website: http://iwantabsmovie.com.