2015-09-04 I’m hosting a private retreat for Kickstarter backers who pledge $2,500+ If you choose to invest in my movie (I Want Abs) at this level, you (+ a guest of your choosing) will be invited to spend 4 days / 3 nights with me and my crew in a beautiful mountain cabin in Oregon (see photo preview below). During this retreat I will show you a few of my favorite ab workouts, feed you the best organic food, make you fresh green smoothies, take you foraging, and introduce you to my film crew and trainers. I GUARANTEE you’ll have fun, rest, and get healthier! In addition to the actual retreat, your contribution will get you listed as an executive producer in the credits of my film. If you would like to attend, choose the last reward in the reward section. You can also email me for more information about this retreat. We’ll eat our meals here This could be your bedroom We’ll have heart-felt talks here I’ll show you my favorite core-strengthening exercises We’ll cut up ripe fruit and fresh greens… …And make green smoothies from the lot I’ll take you foraging And together we’ll make big a** salads I’ll even show you my top secret morel spot! DOESN’T THAT SOUND LIKE FUN?