2017-03-15 Over the last couple months, I’ve been asked by a number of people to make a video about what I eat in a day. I heard your requests and made a YouTube clip which takes you on a tour of my kitchen and shows you what my typical diet looks like. I’ve been a raw foodest, I’ve been a fruitarian, I’ve been a vegan. Now what? Watch this video and find out: https://youtu.be/sjnmeRRoh7Y. I’m currently working on a new eBook where I will elaborate (in great detail) on how I eat and why. It will be available within the next month at: http://www.iwantabsmovie.com. Note: since I published the video on March 8th, there have been quite a few question regarding nuts and seeds. I still eat nuts and seeds, but not in same huge quantities as when I was a 100 percent raw. I didn’t include nuts and seeds in my video simply because I couldn’t mention every type of food I consume. That being said, what you see in the video is a very accurate representation of my diet.