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  • Fix UUID after rsync from another Fedora instance that was cloned, error: no such device

    We added a new workstation to our lab and the previous Clonezilla image was old so I installed Fedora 26 from scratch. We use rsnapshot/rsync to sync the lab machines daily from a master or head machine. After running the rsync job and rebooting the...

  • How to set environment variable within the docker file?

    The CMD of my dockerfile is this: ["python", "myproject/"] However for this to work, I need to set the PYTHONPATH to /app, which is the parent directory of myproject If I start the docker process and override CMD with bash, I can...

  • windows server r2012 allow connection from only two IPs

    I am trying to block all connections (all ports) to my windows server r2012 from all IPs except two (i.e., accept connections from IP-1 and IP-2 and reject all other IPs) How to do that?

  • Open a non-console session when Windows boots

    I know how to automaticaly open a console session when a Windows host boots (recommanded way is to use an encrypted password: This is usefull when a server run an ill-written program...

  • Restrict myphpadmin to listen on specific ethernet adapter

    I want to prevent phpmyadmin being accessible from the internet. I have two ethernet adapters on my CentOS 7 box, one 'internal' and one 'external'. I would like to restrict access so that users (any IP address) from the 'internal' network can access...

  • Use for [$i] variable to create csv columns - Powershell

    I am trying to grab information from the connectionstrings.config file and populate it to a CSV. I have the following script so far: The part where I am stuck and not sure what to do is how to use the for [$i] variable to create different CSV columns...

  • "unknown shorthand flag: 'e' in -e" from 'aws ecr get-login'

    I am trying to push a docker image to the aws ecr When i try to login to ect, aws ecr get-login It expands to something like this docker login -u AWS -p eyJwYXlsbXXXXXXVZIn0= -e none I got this...

  • Accessing docker container in a nested VM

    I am working on a test environment with RabbitMQ and I am having trouble accessing the broker. I am not a networking expert so I was hoping someone else tried to set it up like I am. The following is how it is installed: VMWARE - Windows Server 201...

  • DNS Host override to IP & port?

    I have a service on my network at, the service is listening on port 8008. I have setup a DNS host override in PFSense so I can type in and it will direct the traffic to However, since the service is listening...

  • SSH needs to go though different interface other than VPN

    Im hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I have a ubuntu 16 server which connects to an OpenVPN server at boot, the config file it pulls routes all traffic though the VPN connection - which is ideal except for SSH. I think what is required...

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