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  • Expand lv bad magic number in superblock

    I've expanded of 300 GB a volume on my server by using: but then trying to resize fs: The server is running debian: I don't know exactly what to do so; here's the output of df:

  • ssh local port to server internal port

    I'm using a VPS for some development but the VPS is basically disconnected from the internet and im unable to connect to it directly unless i go through a proxy at my home. But when on the go I need to connect to it using my home proxy. Is there some...

  • Setting up letsencrypt in my nginx server in centos 6

    So, i'm following this article on setting up ssl for my server. But i'm stucked up on configuring nginx .conf file. Here is my conf file: But how to configure it to create configuration to forward port 80 (http) requests to a listener at port 443 ...

  • Nginx proxy_path root rewrite to domain/path

    It something like this possible on proxy_pass? Requirement is to point all request from to

  • AWS ECS keep spawning new tasks even though the CMD should wait

    It is as if the CMD has no effect. In my ECS task definition, I have defined the command as seen in the below screenshot The python process is supposed to be a 'blocking process' - it supposes to wait on data in a SQS queue. However from the cloud...

  • Broadcom QLogic 57800 shows up as two adapters in ESXi 6

    I don't have another quad card as a reference, but the Broadcom QLogic 57800 is a 2 x 10GbE + 2 x 1GbE quad card, which has sequential MACs and same PCI slot, but shows up as two dual adapters in ESXi 6. Is this normal? I'm seeing other oddities and...

  • How to add cost per hotel and flight in duration cost table

    Problem How to get cost per hotel and flight then add it in duration cost table based on flight date . suppose i write flight date 26/07/2017 alexia 8days 04/08/2017 it must automatically get cost from hotel price table and price from flight then...

  • Are AJAX interval functions bad for servers? [migrated]

    I have this function set to run at intervals using JavaScript which points to a PHP page. I was just wondering if this is bad practice for the server load, especially at scale. The PHP page just retrieves data from the Slack API through CURL and just...

  • Sync folders & files from Windows 2003 server to Windows 2012 R2 server

    I need to sync several hundred GBs of data from a Windows 2003 server to a Windows 2012 R2 server. I originally thought of using Rsync via my Linux box but Googling an answer showed me Robocopy and XXCopy. Well, XXCopy wants money and the Windows Resource...

  • Cannot disable IPv6 components on exchange server without breaking exchange

    I've got an issue with an exchange 2013 server. Any mail being sent to a gmail recipient is rejected due to IPv6 issues, with the following bounceback... gave this error: [2002:c30a:e196::c30a:e196] Our system has detected that this message...