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  • I Wore Ugg Boots (And I Liked It)

    There comes a time in every person’s life when they have to step outside their comfort zone and try something new. I don’t know how or why it happened, but UGG Australia sent me a really lovely email asking me if I wanted to bring my girls...

  • Fall Fashion for Cheap People (Like Me!)

    I recently took this amazing 2-day Photoshop for Bloggers class. And now I kind of know how to make stuff! Crafts excluded. I made a fall fashion graphic and ran it on the Mint blog (check it out for a larger/better view of the graphic). So far The...

  • My Future Husband: Wears the Same Outfit for 40 Years

    I was having a little heart-to-heart with Dr. Mom the other day. The topic of discussion: love. She suggested I make a list of everything I would look for in a potential life partner. Like, literally make a list. And just for fun, we’ll call...

  • Are You a Belieber?

    What can I say? We came, we saw, we…Biebered? First, I didn’t look at the tickets before we got there, so you can imagine my surprise when I saw this: Yes, that says “Row 1, Seat 1.” Then, after a few opening acts and one...

  • Never Say Never

    Because the universe has a knack for making sure you pay for your sins, I have been offered two free tickets to a Justin Bieber concert this Saturday night. Of course, this opportunity was presented to someone who might have recently referred to the...

  • Shop My Closet

    One of the things about the new house that is taking me the longest to get used to is the size of the closets. Let’s just say I moved from a home that was built when people were finally starting to appreciate features like storage and shelving...

  • How to Be the World’s Best Dad: An Instructional Guide

    Step 1: Agree to participate in a 3-day family bike ride with nearly 50 friends over Thanksgiving weekend. Step 2: Agree to drag your nearly 10-year old daughter who doesn’t know how to ride a bike on a custom-built tandem bicycle. Step 3: Purchase...

  • Hello, Internet.

    Hi friends. It’s been a while. I just wanted you to know I’m still here. A few things have happened since I’ve been gone. 1. At the turn of the New Year I got hired on as the official Managing Editor and Social Media Manager for...

  • Restoring Faith in Humanity

    I have to be honest here and admit that I have never listened to a single Justin Beiber song. I’m sure she’s quite a talented young lady and all, but this still amuses me:

  • Happy Holidays from The Little Hen House

    May your days be merry and bright.