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  • Should you vote if your vote doesn’t count?

    Last night, in the run up to today’s festival of democracy, I tweeted this: Looking forward to putting my X next to a little birdie tomorrow and it counting for basically nothing thanks to FPTP. Yay democracy. — Will Howells (@willhowells) 7 June ...

  • Eurovision 2017: The Final

    The day is here and, excitingly, it looks like anyone could win! And by anyone, I mean Italy, Portugal, Bulgaria or the UK. Of course, probably not the UK but it really is the best of the bunch and Lucie Jones has been nailing it. But I’m getting ahead...

  • Hello, Kyiv!

    Ukraine have been in Eurovision since 2003 and have reached the final every year, save 2015 where they weren’t able to take part in the contest because *cough* reasons. In that time, they’ve won the contest twice and have also been responsible for some...

  • Eurovision 2017: Semi-final 2

    Do you like white outfits? Do you love male-female duets? Do you crave male-female duets where they’re both dressed in white? Then semi-final two has been made for you! After some upsets on Tuesday – Finland being the biggest expected qualifier knocked...

  • Eurovision 2017: Semi-final 1

    Time out is gone – the quest is on. Singers representing 42 countries have assembled in Kiev for the world’s greatest festival of music and wind machines: the Eurovision Song Contest. The fun kicks off on Tuesday night with the first of the two semi...

  • I have written a play, Mr Jaffee

    It’s called Square, and it’s produced by my longtime friends The Pensive Federation. Key facts: It has a cast of four awesome actors. It’s inspired by the “square” concept. It’s an hour long. It’s been developed through the PenFed’s tried and tested...

  • Eurovision 2016: The Final

    My view for the Jury Final Today’s the day! I went to yesterday’s Jury Final and I can honestly say I don’t remember a higher quality line-up. And there’s no single outstanding song, which means the results is less predictable than it has been for some...

  • Eurovision 2016: Semi-final 2

    In the distance, the Globe, home of Eurovision 2016 If you thought semi-final 1 had a lot of male soloists, just wait. Is it an unimaginative response to Måns? I realise there are always lots of female solo artists… and I might be imagining the whole...

  • Eurovision 2016: Semi-final 1

    Hello from sunny Stockholm! I wasn’t planning to write one of these but old habits die hard. So, with only a short time before the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest kicks off, here’s a very brief look at the songs in the first semi-final. Finland Light...

  • See the Forest for the trees

    It’s been great over the last few weeks to be reunited with the Pensive Federation. I’ve been taking part for the second time in the Collective Project, their theatre project themed around collaborative working and group dynamics. Over 12 days, two...

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